Course Details

Offer music theory and piano courses and provide piano accompaniment

Piano Course

Enrollment of students from beginner to ATCL is accepted

Course Content

  • Introduction of piano and body structure
  • Coordination of body with hands
  • How to achieve coordination through extra-piano training in daily life.
  • Learning music theories and knowledge, finger shape and note reading technique.
  • Studying of different classical music in different period.
  • Interpretation skills to play different kinds of music pieces.
  • How to grasp the sense of rhythm through body movement.
  • Arrangement of performance in Student Recitals.
  • Introducing the most effective and time-saving methods for practice.
  • Aural training.


Theory Course

Offer Grade 5 Music theory course, teaching contents depends on the student’s music theory knowledge and learning progress.


Piano Accompaniment

Provide piano accompaniment during performance assessment and daily practice of other musical instruments.